Highly-visible mini automatic bidding gravity-pick bingo lottery machine

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Highly-visible mini automatic bidding gravity-pick bingo lottery machine 

Gravity-pick bingo lottery machines are the most popular. It is interesting to watch how the numbers are selected. The draw with a mechanical lottery machine is more transparent. The players can see exactly how the mechanism is working and watch how the balls come out of the lottery ball machine. The players can see the lottery balls all the time during the draw.

A popular type of mechanical machine is the “gravity pick” machine. This machine has a drum with arms rotating inside the drum. The balls go to the drum from the balls container. The drum has a hole, and when the gravity pushes the ball with the lottery number to the hole, a ball goes to the special tray for the winning numbers.


Application Areas

Bid, Auction, Games Room, Lottery Bet and all other profession, such like celebrate in factory and company, estate and other lottery activities.

Products details

Product Name Gravity pick lottery
Model IMY-300
Size 80*52*32cm
Weight 27KG
Capacity 50 pcs balls
Power 75w

Option function: Remote control functions, RFID functions etc

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Ball capacity:
Machine Type:
gravity-pick lottery machine
Lottery Bet,Bid, Auction, Games Room, or other profession area, like celebrate in factory and company
Option function:
Remote control functions, RFID functions etc
Using time :
7*24 hours operation
Seal wooden box
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