Custom electronic lucky dip draw lottery blower bingo balls stirring lotto machine

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Custom electronic lucky dip draw lottery blower bingo balls stirring lotto machine


Products details

Product Name Stirring lotto machine
Model IMY-580
Size 70*62*195cm
Weight 79KG
Capacity 500 pcs balls
Power 350w

Stirring lotto machine uses Pingpong numbered balls. The balls are dropped into a chamber where two paddles, which spin in opposite directions, mix the balls. The operator actuates a sliding door at the bottom of the mixing chamber. One at a time, six balls pass through a clear tube into a clear display area where the numbers can be read. An optical sensor detects the passage of each ball, allowing only the correct number of balls to pass through the doorway.


There are two main types of Lotto machines: gravity pick and air mix. The machines have a few things in common:
They are designed and proven using statistical analysis to produce random combinations of numbers.
The balls are always visible during the mixing and drawing process -- they never disappear inside tubes or chambers. This helps prevent tampering; and since the drawings are televised live, it gives the viewer confidence that the drawing is not being fixed.


The gravity-pick machine is perceived to be more secure than the air-mix machine.

The mechanical mix lottery or bingo machine is special designed for the Lottery Bet,Bid, Auction, Games Room, or other profession area, like celebrate in factory and company, estate and other lottery activities which will surely help you to gather many people....

Application areas


Bid, Auction, Games Room, Lottery Bet and all other profession, such like celebrate in factory and company, estate and other lottery activities.

Customize service

IMYJOY can customize lottery machines base on your requirement, Except the machine outlook and color , we can also customize extra function for you, like  Remote control functions, RFID functions etc.

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1:How many kinds of lottery machine Imyjoy produce:

Gravity pick model(manual,semi-automatic,automatic); air blower model;

2: How many sets can customize?

1set can customize ;

3:You machine can operate by App?

Yes, we have the App remote controller with different language;

4:How many balls Imyjoy lotto machine can operate?

  From 5balls to 2000balls;

 5:You have RFID function?

  Yes, we can accept RFID, software and hardware accept customize.

 6:What is the material of Imyjoy lucky ball?

1.Standard pingpong ball (orange/white color) is ABS material, other color that is PP material,

2.EVA foam solid ball;

7:How many sides number of the ball?

 Normally,Imyjoy supply 1side, 2sides,4sides,6sides or other LOGO/other requirements customized;

 8:How many balls draw out one button?

Imyjoy lotto machine have 1/2/3/4/7 or 1/2/3/4/5 number button (Press which number that mean how many balls draw out), we also can customize based on your requirement;

9:How long time one ball draw out?

Standard that is 8-10 seconds draw out per ball;

10:Can you add the TV monitor on the different machine?

Yes, can add audio/video function;

 11: Are you factory?

Yes, we are lotto drawing machine manufacture, we can customize the software,color,size,hardare as your requirements;

12:How is your package?

Pack by seal wood box;

13: Can put LOGO on the machine or the ball?

Yes,put logo on the machine that is for free; put logo on the ball need extra charge;

 14: How is Imyjoy lotto after service?

One year warranty; if it is damaged by non-human factors, we will provide free accessories for repair within one year.

All lotto machine are customized and do not provide return service.;

15:How to ship?

Normally ship by sea, by air, by express(Fedex, DHL etc.)

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Ball capacity:
Machine Type:
gravity-pick lottery machine
Lottery Bet,Bid, Auction, Games Room, or other profession area, like celebrate in factory and company
Option function:
Remote control functions, RFID functions etc
Using time :
7*24 hours operation
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