What is the lottery ball machine called?

What is the lottery ball machine called?

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A lottery ball machine is a machine used to shake various prizes. It is suitable for courts, government agencies, enterprises, parties, bars, shopping malls and other promotions that need to show fairness and justice, or all activities that have lottery or number selection links.

The lottery machine is divided into stirring lottery machine and air blowing lottery machine.

The design process of the lottery machine is based on scientific principles, and the design of this series of lottery machines is completed through repeated experiments and demonstrations. The performance characteristics of the lottery machine ensure the fairness of the lottery results. Technical level: With the continuous improvement of technical level, from the original manual to the fully automatic lottery. The lottery machine is divided into two forms of lottery: one is stirring type; the other is blowing type. The lottery is played in two different techniques and in different ways.

1. The original manual type: mainly use the turntable type and the box type. The basic principle of the turntable type is that the object rotates at the center of symmetry.

2. Box type: As long as the central axis of the cylinder is used to rotate, the prize balls inside will be randomly chaotic to achieve a random and fair effect.

3. The principle of the stirring lottery machine is simply to use the rotation of the stirring shaft to make all the balls move randomly, open the ball outlet within a certain period of time, and the ball that just passes through the ball outlet is regarded as the lucky ball.


Details of Imyjoy lottery ball machine as follows:

First of all, the lottery ball machine is used to prepare for the lottery. The standard ball diameter is 4 cm, the surface is non-porous, hollow, non-magnetic, non-metallic, lightweight, the same material, the same level of unified product ball.

There are three cantilever scrapers in the stirring area, which are driven by the motor to rotate clockwise and counterclockwise respectively and directly act on the prize balls, so no matter the weight of the prize balls, they can be brought to the same place under the direct action of the scrapers. After a certain height, it starts to fall, and his falling process is close to the state of free fall. Compared with a stirring area with a diameter of 60 cm that is the same as the surrounding gravitational acceleration and filled with natural air, the drop limit of the prize ball inside is only 60 cm, free fall within this range, their falling rates are almost the same, no one can occupy a favorable time and position during the falling process, all the balls have a chance to randomly land on the plane at the bottom of the stirring zone.

In the process of taking out each prize ball, the prize ball in the cylinder is continuously thrown up again by the scraper, and the scraper rotates rapidly forward and reverse for several seconds, so that each prize ball is stirred with a difference of 60 cm from top to bottom. The up-throwing and falling in the barrel are in a natural and random ideal state. The collision between them is a state of concentric collision, and the chance of repulsion is also equal. On the plane, there will not be a situation where a certain type of prize balls can be placed in a particularly advantageous specific position waiting to be preferentially played due to the quality deviation of the prize balls. In this way, the fairness of the lottery drawing process is guaranteed, and the randomness can be said to be double insurance. This form of lottery chance fully embodies fairness, randomness, science and the uncontrollability of the camera obscura.

The principle of the air blowing lottery machine is more complicated. Simply put, when the lottery machine is started, the fan introduces the air into the pressurized pump, and the pressurized pump blows the compressed air into the stirring chamber (transparent container) through the air duct, and shakes it. The prize balls are "stirred" under the action of air flow. The electronic control module opens the ball valve according to the time setting, and blows out the specified number of lottery balls in turn. After the lottery is over, the power is automatically turned off.


Specifically, the size, direction, and strength of the airflow involve complex physical principles such as fluid mechanics, kinematics, and cyclotron force fields.


Imyjoy lottery ball machine can customize the different size, different Exterior, also customize the software.

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