What is Imyjoy lotto advantage of lottery draw machine?

What is Imyjoy lotto advantage of lottery draw machine?

  • Friday, 01 July 2022
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1How many kinds of lottery machine Imyjoy produce:

   Gravity pick model(manual,semi-automatic,automatic);

 air blower model;


2: How many sets can customize?

  1set can customize ;


3:You machine can operate by App?

  Yes, we have the App remote controller with different language;


4:How many balls Imyjoy lotto machine can operate?

  From 5balls to 2000balls;


5:You have RFID function?

  Yes, we can accept RFID, software and hardware accept customize.


6:What is the material of Imyjoy lucky ball?

  Standard pingpong ball (orange/white color) is ABS material, other color that is PP material,

  EVA foam solid ball;


7:How many sides number of the ball?

 Normally,Imyjoy supply 1side, 2sides,4sides,6sides or other LOGO/other requirements customized;


8:How many balls draw out one button?

  Imyjoy lotto machine have 1/2/3/4/7 or 1/2/3/4/5 number button (Press which number that mean how many balls draw out), we also can customize based on your requirement;


9:How long time one ball draw out?

  Standard that is 8-10 seconds draw out per ball;


10:Can you add the TV monitor on the different machine?

   Yes, can add audio/video function;


11 Are you factory?

   Yes, we are lotto drawing machinemanufacture, we can customize the software,color,size,hardare as your requirements;


12:How is your package?

   Pack by seal wood box;


13: Can put LOGO on the machine or the ball?

   Yes,put logo on the machine that is for free; put logo on the ball need extra charge;

14: How is Imyjoy lotto after service?

     One year warranty; if it is damaged by non-human factors, we will provide free accessories for repair within one year.

All lotto machine are customized and do not provide return service.;


15:How to ship?

  Normally ship by sea, by air, by express(Fedex, DHL etc.)

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