What is “Mark Six” lotto drawing machine?

What is “Mark Six” lotto drawing machine?

  • Wednesday, 06 July 2022
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The gameplay of "Mark Six" is very simple: it is based on the "Mark Six" in Hong Kong, and it also has 49 numbers. The "special code" generated when the "Mark Six" draws in Hong Kong is used as the winning number. With this special code, you can get 40 times the bonus. That is to say, if you spend 100 yuan to buy the special code, you can get 4,000 yuan in the end.

Mark Six is ​​a relatively strong gambling, and the return rate is 59%. After a long-term development, the lotto lottery is now 5 Hong Kong dollars a note, and the cap bonus is 38 million Hong Kong dollars for a single note.

Mark-six lottery means "Mark Six Lottery" and is the only legal lottery in Hong Kong, operated by the Hong Kong Jockey Club. The rules of the game are that the lottery player randomly selects 6 numbers from 1-49 numbers, and the 6 numbers that are the same as the 6 numbers drawn on the lottery day will win the first prize; if the 5 numbers are the same, the second prize will be won, and it can also be online. gambling (Internet gambling) activities.

The most well-known forms of gambling are mah-jong (mahjong), poker (poker), game of dominoes (pai gow, cards made of bamboo, wood or bone, etc., which are determined by the size of the cards) and so on. It's people-to-people gambling. People can also gamble with machines, there are gambling machines and slot machines. Those with big money may go to places like Macau for casino game (casino gambling). Many people are addicted to gambling because of the try-your-luck mentality. In fact, if you want to try your luck, you can occasionally buy a football lottery (football lottery), welfare lottery (welfare lottery), lotto (lotto lottery) or lottery on horse racing (horse ticket)

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