What are the principles and precautions of the blowing lottery machine?

What are the principles and precautions of the blowing lottery machine?

  • Thursday, 16 June 2022
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The design process of the lottery machine is based on scientific principles, and the design of this series of lottery machines is completed through repeated experiments and demonstrations. The performance characteristics of the lottery machine ensure the fairness of the lottery results.

Technical level: With the continuous improvement of technical level, from the original manual to the fully automatic lottery. The lottery machine is divided into two forms of lottery: one is stirring type; the other is blowing type. The lottery is played in two different techniques and in different ways.

Using the lottery machine to draw lottery is the most fair and just way recognized in the world today. The lottery machine produced by Imyjoy lotto is made of high-quality materials. The product has a reasonable structure and a wide range of applications. It has many functions. It is the first choice for lottery lottery equipment.

The principle of the air blowing lottery machine is more complicated. Simply put, when the lottery machine is started, the fan will introduce the air into the pressurized pump, and the pressurized pump will blow the compressed air into the stirring chamber (transparent container) through the air duct, and shake it. The prize balls are "stirred" under the action of air flow. The electronic control module opens the ball valve according to the time setting, and blows out the specified number of lottery balls in turn. After the lottery is over, the power is automatically turned off.

The fully transparent design of the device makes it clear at a glance when the lottery is drawn, and is not afraid of being suspected of black-box operation, reflecting an absolutely fair and just lottery lottery drawing method. Unique design, stylish appearance, very "photogenic", and excellent stability.

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