How the RFID Automated lotto drawing machine lottery working?

How the RFID Automated lotto drawing machine lottery working?

  • Friday, 24 June 2022
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RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) radio frequency identification technology is mainly composed of reading and writing equipment and electronic tags. The reading and writing equipment and electronic tags automatically identify the target object through radio frequency signals and obtain its related data, so as to realize the identification of the object, and The collected data is transmitted to the application system platform for aggregation, analysis and processing.

  This technology has the characteristics of long reading distance, strong penetrating ability, anti-pollution, high efficiency (multiple tags can be processed at the same time), and large amount of information.

Usually RFID consists of two parts: one is an integrated circuit for storing and processing information, and the other is an antenna for transmitting signals. Generally speaking, there are two types of RFID tags: passive RFID electronic tags and active RFID tags.

1. The Imyjoy lottodrawing machine host of the lottery machine is controlled by a microcomputer integrated electrical program. It is linked to the Internet through a network cable and is linked to the laptop at home, so that people and machines can be separated in different countries. Truly achieve cross-country/cross-region, easily manage machines at home through the Internet, and not be affected by the epidemic.

2. There is a main program selection switch group inside the laptop APP, and a 5-digit auxiliary ball selection switch. After the machine is started, 1 to 7 balls can be selected, which can be played individually or continuously; the interface has ball selection buttons , click to select the number of balls to be played. 1-49 numbered balls can be put into the bucket at one time.

3. The lotterymachine ball uses photoelectric detection technology to detect the number balls through infrared induction to ensure the safety and reliability of the lucky ball.

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