Bingo Blower Machine

  • Tuesday, 03 May 2022
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Bingo Blower Machine

If you're looking to host a big or small bingo party, a bingo blower machine can be just the right thing for you. Its vacuum tube releases bingo balls one by one in random order. You can purchase this machine at wholesale prices and it runs on a standard 110 volt plug. The blower measures approximately 22 inches long, 19 inches wide, and 17 inches deep. Its companion table (16213) is built on casters for portability.

Bingo blower machines come in a variety of configurations. The smallest blowers, sometimes referred to as "Las Vegas style," resemble popcorn poppers, and have a motor and fan in the base. The top part of the machine contains a clear bubble chamber and a tube, which produces random bingo balls. The largest blowers are similar to a desk-sized air-powered fan, but they feature an attached masterboard that catches the balls and returns them to the blower as they fall.

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