America international championship marble pinball track battle race arcade marble carnival run games

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America international championship marble pinball track battle race arcade marble carnival run games

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Imyjoy's large marble track can be customized with different sizes, different heights, and different obstacles. The common ones are elevators, curves, staggered special-shaped curves, sharp turns, steel jungles, serpentine curves, and 270-degree sharp turns. Roads, rotating curves, turntables of fate, acceleration catapults, high-speed straight sections, plus various sound and light effects. A unique marble track can be customized for each customer. It can attract popularity on different live broadcast platforms.


Pinball track width: conventional 23cm, can be customized;

Floor area: can be customized;

Track height: regular 150cm, can be customized;

Running time for one lap: usually about 1 minute, depending on the difficulty of the track;

Inside width of hoist: 26cm, can hold 10 marbles;

Marble diameter: commonly used 2.5cm;


A Marble Runs Game is a toy or game that usually includes a number of connectable tracks, turns, and obstacles used to create a maze or path along which small balls roll. Here are the features, uses and features of the Marble Runs game


·Made up of a series of interlocking tracks, curves, and obstacles.

·Encourages creativity, problem-solving, and spatial reasoning skills.

·Provides a fun and engaging way to learn about physics and cause-and-effect relationships.

·Can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.


·As a toy, Marble Runs can provide hours of entertainment and help develop a child's cognitive abilities.

·In educational settings, Marble Runs can be used to teach concepts such as gravity, motion, and engineering principles.

·As a stress-relieving activity, Marble Runs can provide a relaxing and meditative experience.



·Customizable: With a variety of track pieces and accessories available, Marble Runs can be endlessly customized and modified.

·Expandable: As new track pieces are added, Marble Runs can be made longer and more complex.

·Multiplayer: Many Marble Runs sets come with multiple balls, making it possible for multiple people to play together and compete to see whose ball can complete the course first.

·Engaging: The combination of colorful tracks and the satisfying sound of the ball rolling through them makes Marble Runs an engaging and entertaining activity.

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