6 sphere chambers for picking 6 number multi-cylinder 6D air blowing lottery machine

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6 sphere chambers for picking 6 number multi-cylinder 6D air blowing lottery machine

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Product NameAir Blowing Lottery Machine
CapacityEach barrel 20pcs balls 

The design process of the lottery machine is based on scientific principles, and the design of the series of lottery machines is completed through repeated experiments and demonstrations. The performance characteristics of the lottery machine ensure the fairness of the lottery results. Technical level: With the continuous improvement of the technical level, from the original manual to the now fully automated lottery. The lottery machine is divided into two types of lottery: one is agitating; the other is blowing.

The lottery machine is perfect for pick 6 number games, and includes the most modern design. It is multi-cylinder lottery machine with 6 cylinders and 6 display screen which is professional for pick 6 games.

Each cylinder of this machine can contains up to 20 lotto balls, meaning that it is a flexible drawing solution, very eye catching for the viewers.

The balls are always visible during the mixing and drawing process -- they never disappear inside tubes or chambers. This helps prevent tampering; and since the drawings are televised live, it gives the viewer confidence that the drawing is not being fixed.

For 6TV lotto drawing machine, it can show 6 number on the screen. For each barrel we recommend to put max 20pcs lotto balls inside. So customer can choose balls quantity according to your games requirement. 

There are two type of ball out way:

1. One-click play

On the machine only 2 button, "Draw" and "Return", so if you click Draw, 6 balls will come out at the same time. 

2. Manual play

On the machine,there are 7 buttons, "1/ 2 /3 /4 /5 /6 /Return " ,so customer need click the button by hand. You can control which barrel ball out first, also can control the times between two balls. So it is more flexible. 

If you donnot wanna stand by the machine to press button, we can take one remote, so we can control it within 30m.

The machine color we can customize according to your need. Also the logo can make as your need. 

Application areas


Bid, Auction, Games Room, Lottery Bet and all other profession, such like celebrate in factory and company, estate and other lottery activities.

Customize service

IMYJOY can customize lottery machines base on your requirement, Except the machine outlook and color , we can also customize extra function for you, like  RFID function, website function,  fully-automatic , remote control and so on. 

But the price is different, please kindly contact our seller if you need them.


Package Safe package: wooden box
Payment terms: 
T/T 30% deposit and 70% balance before delivery/Cash/Western Union
Leading time: 
15 workdays after receiving deposit (Mass order excluded)
After-sale service: 
12 months warranty against shipping date

Black,White,Orange,Blue,Customzie colors
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